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About Poly BridgeIn Poly Bridge, players need to build solid bridges so that vehicles can make it safely over chasms and rivers. In this game, players can let their creativity run wild. The only important thing is that the bridge is solid and does not break.

Poly Bridge has over 100 levels available in which you have to build solid bridges over canyons and rivers. Your goal is to bring the vehicle safely to the other side. When you build the bridge, you have no limits, but you have to make sure that the bridge is solid and does not break in the course of the crossing. Since you have a limited budget for the bridge construction, Poly Bridge requires strategic thinking and basic physics skills. Use the download button on our webpage to download Poly Bridge.

Poly Bridge Poly Bridge

Price: $4.99
Category: Games
Version: 1.2.2
Developer: Dry Cactus Limited


4.4, 361 votes

Poly Bridge - Features:- Build solid bridges: Poly Bridge is all about building bridges. Your only job is to build a stable bridge over chasms or rivers so that vehicles can make it safely to the other side. There are many different materials available, with which you can build the most extraordinary bridges. You have the opportunity to build not only ordinary bridges, but also more specialized bridges with loops or ramps. There are no limits to your creativity in Poly Bridge.

  • Plan cleverly: Poly Bridge requires some basic knowledge of physics. If you do not build your bridge stably enough, it may break during the crossing. If that happens, you'll either have to reschedule the bridge completely or revise your old plans.
  • Use your money wisely: For every bridge construction you have only a limited budget available. For this reason, it is important that you plan your bridge well and restrict yourself to the really important materials that provide the stability of the bridge.
  • Campaign vs. Sandbox: You can play Poly Bridge in either campaign mode or in the so-called Sandbox. While you need to solve over 100 tricky levels in campaign mode, you can create your own puzzles in the special Sandbox mode.

Conclusion: Poly Bridge is an entertaining game, which requires good strategic thinking and basic knowledge in physics. Since you can use many different materials and special bridge elements such as loops or ramps, there are no limits to your creativity. Poly Bridge can be downloaded via the download button on our website.

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