About PinterestPinterest is a virtual pin board on which users can collect ideas from the internet. On Pinterest users find different content from the fashion, beauty, food or home sector.

Pinterest allows users to create their own virtual pin board. The app suggests different contents from international web pages on basis of the user’s individual interests. Furthermore various pin boards can be created, ideas and contents can be exchanged with other users and the own collection can be shared with the whole world. You can download Pinterest by using the links on our web page.

Pinterest Pinterest

Price: Free
Category: Social Networking
Version: 6.46.1
Developer: Pinterest, Inc.


4.3, 258 votes

Pinterest – features:- Create your very own pin board: By using Pinterest you can create your own virtual pin board. Like that you can easily collect ideas from the internet. No matter if you are interested in fashion, beauty or recipes: On Pinterest you find numerous contents from international web pages which will suit your taste. By pinning contents, you can find them again fast on your pin board and keep track of your saved contents. Create various pin boards and organize your ideas even more reasonable and time-saving.

  • Discover new ideas: On basis of your pins, Pinterest proposes you regularly new contents which might suit your taste. Pinterest collects these contents in your start feed. Besides you can follow other users or ideas so that Pinterest can propose you contents even more selectively and inspire you. By dint of the search feature you can also search selectively for specific keywords or ideas.
  • Colorful picture collection: Pinterest shows you the different contents in the form of pictures. Your start feed and your pin boards are colorful picture collections which present you the ideas visually. If you click on a pinned or suggested picture, a link will lead you to the corresponding web page on which you’ll find further information.
  • YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter: Pinterest works closely with other popular apps. Like that you can for example save videos from YouTube or Vimeo directly on your virtual pin board. Besides you can post contents from Pinterest as tweet on Twitter.

Conclusion: By using Pinterest you can permanently discover new ideas from the internet. Besides this app can inspire you and help you to organize different ideas on your own virtual pin boards. If you want to use Pinterest on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily download the app for free by using the links below.

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