letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé

About letgoLetgo is a mobile marketplace and allows users to sell used items and find cheap deals from sellers in their area.

With letgo, selling and buying used items is mere child’s play. You can upload and sell used items as well as buy used products from sellers in your area. At letgo you'll find a large selection of electronics, clothing, vehicles, furniture, etc. The app also has innovative technologies, such as an image recognition technology, to make it easier and faster to set items. Find sellers and buyers near you in a matter of seconds, get in touch with them and get a bargain. You can download letgo for free via the download button on our site.

letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé

Prix: Gratuit
Catégorie: Shopping
Version: 1.23.1
Promoteur: Ambatana Holdings B.V.


4.1, 471 voix

Letgo – Features:- Sell items quickly and easily: With the help of letgo, you can easily sell used items to people in your area. The app is particularly convincing with its innovative technologies, which simplify and speed up the setting up of articles. The app has for example an image recognition technology. When you take a picture of the item to be sold, this technology automatically detects the item displayed and assigns it with different tags and a title.

  • Find bargains near you: With letgo, you can not only sell items, but also find used items from sellers near you. Search for products, browse through the great offer and find the suitable item.
  • Easy communication: You can contact the potential buyer or seller directly via the app. So you can clarify all details of the purchase quickly and comfortably.
  • Buyer ratings: In order to buy items from truly trustworthy sellers, it is advisable to review the seller's reviews before buying. In addition, it is advisable to write reviews for all transactions, so that future buyers receive all important information about the seller and the purchase process. Also prove your trustworthiness and process purchases quickly and reliably so that you get good ratings.

Conclusion: With letgo you can easily sell used items to buyers in your area. In addition, you will find a large selection of used items from thousands of sellers. Since the app has a daily changing offer and a large community, you will find the right item for you or sell your items quickly. Use the download button on our site to download letgo for free.

  • letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé
  • letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé
  • letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé
  • letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé
  • letgo: Vendre & Acheter usagé