Forge of Empires

About Forge of EmpiresForge of Empires is a strategy game for smartphones and tablets which is based on the browser game of the same name. Players have to build an empire and lead it through different centuries.

In Forge of Empires you create an empire and take an exciting journey back at time. Build your very own empire and lead it through different centuries, starting from Stone Age and ending in modern times. In Forge of Empires it is not only important to develop new technologies or produce resources but also to discover new territories and claim them for yourself. Choose if you rather fight battles or show negotiating skills. Use the download button on our web page to download Forge of Empires for free.

Forge of Empires Forge of Empires

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Forge of Empires – features:- Journey through times: In Forge of Empires you have to build your own empire and lead it successfully trough different centuries. You not only have to lead your empire through the sparse Stone Age but also trough modern times and have to solve all challenges of the time. In order that your empire exists for a long time, you especially have to have a good strategy.

  • Develop, discover and produce: A large part of Age of Empire is about keeping your empire alive. Develop new technologies, discover new buildings or produce enough resources so that you can make important goods. You can use the goods not only for the supply of your citizens but also for the trade with neighbors. Trade goods and receive missing goods like that.
  • Expand your empire: Besides the production of goods and new technologies, you also have to discover new territories in Forge of Empires to expand your empire. Claim territories, gain control over areas and expand the borders of your empire. It is completely up to you if you want to win the provinces with the help of battles or with the help of negotiations.
  • Learn interesting historic facts: Forge of Empires is not only a strategy game but gives you also many exciting information about historic personalities or events. Historic facts are presented in different quests. The special Mahatma Gandhi quest line informs you e.g. about the Indian leader of the independence movement.

Conclusion: Forge of Empires is not only an exciting strategy game but informs you also about important historic personalities and events. Like that you can easily learn more about our history. Decide whether you attach importance to militant conflicts or to diplomatic skills. Forge of Empires can be downloaded for free from our web page.

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