Alto's Adventure

About Alto's AdventureIn Alto's Adventure, players have to control a snowboarder across hilly and varied slopes and reach as many points as possible.

In Alto's Adventure you can expect an exciting snowboard adventure. Snowboard hilly and demanding slopes and catch as many lamas as possible. The more lamas you collect in the course of the game, the more points you score. To reach even higher scores, you can also try spectacular tricks. There are also over 180 different goals awaiting you, in which you can test your skills as a snowboarder. Alto's Adventure can be downloaded via the download button on our website.

Alto's Adventure Alto's Adventure

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Catégorie: Games
Version: 1.6.2
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4.2, 386 voix

Alto's Adventure - Features:- Go down the slope: In Alto's Adventure, you'll accompany Alto and his friends on a thrilling snowboard adventure. Your task is to snowboard challenging slopes and avoid falls. You also have to catch llamas during your descent. The more llamas you collect in the course of the game, the more points you will reach. With the accumulated points, you can e.g. buy new snowboards that are even better and have more specific properties. But watch out: Since your snowboard is picking up more and more speed, you have to prove a good responsiveness.

  • Learn Tricks: To reach even higher scores, using tricks is especially helpful. Learn spectacular and unique tricks and use them during your descent to earn even more points. If you combine different tricks and dare difficult trick combos, you can improve your points and speed even more.
  • Achieve Goals: In Alto's Adventure, there are a total of 180 different targets available which challenge your snowboarding skills. Master special tricks, score a certain score, and complete your goal.
  • 6 different snowboarders: In Alto's Adventure you can not only play with Alto, but also with his friends. Overall, you can choose between 6 different snowboarders, each with unique characteristics and abilities.
  • Challenge your friends: Alto's Adventure offers you the possibility to challenge your friends to exciting duels. Compete against each other and see who achieves the most points or makes the best tricks.

Conclusion: Alto's Adventure is an entertaining game for smartphones and tablets, in which players can test their snowboarding skills. Drive down the slope, dare unique tricks and beat the high score. You can download Alto's Adventure on our website.

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